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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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The budget for High School #2 in this bond package supports a comprehensive total project cost which considers current construction market conditions and trends including money to address inflation.
High School #2 will be a comprehensive high school made up of classroom and lab spaces, special education, CTE programs, performing and fine arts, food service and physical education supporting a capacity of 2,400 students. It includes traffic improvements allowing for better parent and bus loop drop-off experience. The cost also includes funds to pay for fees and services to design and build the new school, as well as inflation.
MVISD is prepared to hit the ground running and plan for all projects to be completed by Fall of 2026 in time for the start of the 2026-27 school year.
MVISD owns property just south of Loma Alta Middle School off County Road 381, which is where High School #2 would be located.
High School #2 would be open to students and staff for the 2026-27 school year.
MVISD uses a Demographer to project future student enrollment. Based on the Demographer’s projections, Medina Valley High School is expected to exceed student capacity next school year, and this bond focuses on addressing this urgent concern. It is also important to note that Bond 2022 included additional projects and was not passed by the voters. MVISD is aware that based on future student projections campuses in addition to High School #2 will be needed to address student enrollment growth. This growth will be addressed in future bond programs.
If the bond does not pass, the District would likely add more portables to the existing high school site. Additional lunch periods would likely need to be added to address the increase in students, and there may be limited opportunities to participate in elective courses or extra-curricular activities due to space constraints.
The District has an obligation to provide fact communications to voters about the bond package. This information will be shared through the District website, in press releases, print materials provided at events and schools, on signs/banners and through presentations.
Traffic improvements are included in this bond package. The projects include roadway improvements at Potranco Elementary, Loma Alta MS and Medina Valley MS including longer parent queue lanes and bus/staff entrances. Traffic will also be addressed in the design of High School #2.
MVISD long range facility planning is ongoing in our fast growth community. We expect to address needs at this level in future bond elections.
The district intends to use the $30M to purchase land for future campuses. The district will continue to be strategic in identifying areas where land is needed to accommodate growth, based on demographer reports. It is anticipated that when built out completely there will be over 30 elementary schools, over 10 middle schools, and over 5 high schools in Medina Valley ISD.
There is no additional land for a queuing lane to be added at MVHS, however the district is looking at ways traffic flow can be improved.