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Financial Impact & Tax Calculator


Legal Disclaimer: This is purely for estimation purposes and is not legally binding. Taxable home value includes a Homestead Exemption.
Tax Increase: 2.8 cents
Taxable Property Value Estimated Monthly Increase Estimated Annual Increase
$200,000 $4.64 $55.62
$300,000 $6.95 $83.43
$400,000 $9.27
$500,000 $11.59



Homestead Exemption

You are eligible for a homestead exemption if you (1) own your home (partial ownership counts), (2) the home is your principal residence, and (3) you have a Texas driver’s license or Texas-issued personal identification certificate (your I.D. card address must match your principal residence address).


Homeowners who qualify for a general residence homestead exemption are also eligible for the following exemptions:


Over 65 Exemption

School district taxes will not increase for residents who are 65 and older and have filed for an over 65 Homestead Exemption. 


With an over 65 Homestead Exemption, the amount you pay in taxes will not increase regardless of change in tax rate or property value, if there are no property improvements.

Alternative Exemptions:

Veteran Exemption

For veterans with a disability, their spouses and survivors, and spouses and survivors of military personnel killed on active duty. The amount of the exemption depends on the percentage of service-connected disability. 100% disabled equals 100% exemption

Disability Exemption

For homeowners (not their children) who have a disability that would qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. If you are a senior with a disability, you can take only one of the exemptions.