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Elected by the people to govern the Medina Valley Independent School District, Board Trustees are the guardians of the public trust and, though the policies they make, are ultimately responsible for our schools.  This responsibility and the accessibility of the Board Trustees to the voters make the Board one of the purest examples of democracy in our society. 

Medina Valley ISD Board Trustees represent 296 square miles in Medina County and Bexar County, west of San Antonio.  Medina Valley ISD continues to be a “destination district” in the San Antonio area for families seeking a superior and diverse education that inspires excellence, promotes accountability and values, and encourages all students to achieve their highest potential.

Medina Valley ISD Board Trustees serve without compensation, they are registered voters and reside in the Medina Valley Independent School District.  Two board members are elected at large, five board members are elected from single-member districts, both serving 3-year terms with elections held annually.

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