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Career & Technical Education (CTE)

All Medina Valley ISD students have the opportunity to enroll in Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses along with their traditional core academic courses. CTE courses are designed to provide an authentic learning experience through academically rigorous and technology-rich curriculum and skill application in real-world opportunities. The goal is for students to create a balanced four-year plan that includes the best of both academic and CTE courses.
Students enrolled in certain CTE courses have the opportunity to participate in a Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) appropriate to the course in which they are enrolled. CTSOs promote leadership development, job skill training, and can provide scholarship opportunities. Students have the opportunity to reach advanced level CTE courses to increase the rigor of their learning and complete a CTE program of study sequence for an endorsement and/or earn industry recognized certifications.

CTE Mission

The purpose of the Career and Technical Education Department is to recognize the needs of a diverse student population and to assist students in gaining skills to become competitive, independent, productive citizens in a global economy.  Students will be given opportunities to maximize their fullest potential through quality instruction linked to business and industry, career guidance, and active student leadership organizations.

CTE Priorities

  1. Every CTE student will participate in innovative and engaging learning experiences incorporating career exploration and 21st-century Workplace Readiness Skills.
  2. CTE students will have the opportunity to engage with business, industry, and community organizations.
  3. CTE students will be provided the opportunity to achieve industry credentials and/or college credits.
  4. CTE teachers will possess the skills, knowledge, and credentials needed to deliver a state- of-the-art program.
  5. CTE will maintain current and relevant curriculum in order to meet the needs of a competitive workforce.
  6. CTE programs must maintain well maintained, state-of-the-art equipment that meets current industry standards.
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