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Attendance Zones

Use the interactive map below to find your student(s) zoned campus.
Once the map is open, use the drop down to select the school year.
Attendance Zones
Please note: 
  • If your address has a directional (i.e., N, S, E, W) try entering without the directional.
  • If your child receives bilingual services and their zoned elementary campus is Luckey Ranch, Potranco, Castroville or Silos, they will be assigned to a bilingual hub (LaCoste or Ladera), which will not be reflected on our interactive map. If you have specific questions on our bilingual hubs visit our webpage HERE or contact Clarissa Dovalina at 830-931-2243 ext. 1202 or at [email protected].

When will I know if my student(s) will be affected by the 2024-25 new elementary attendance zones?

If your child was enrolled in a MVISD campus on or before February 7, 2024, you will receive formal notification via ParentSquare (email, text & phone call). Any elementary student who enrolls after February 12 will receive their 2024-25 zoned campus information during the registration process.


Why are updates to attendance zones necessary?

Medina Valley ISD is one of the fastest growing school districts in the entire state of Texas. Over the past several years, MVISD has consistently seen 10%-15% annual enrollment growth, adding more than 1,000 students over the last year. To accommodate this growth, Silos Elementary (our 6th elementary) will open next school year. With this continuous growth and as we open new campuses, updates to attendance zones are needed to help evenly balance enrollment throughout all of our schools.


What is considered when the district updates attendance zones?

We use data from multiple sources to help determine attendance zones. Some of the factors we consider are campus growth projections, capacity, safety, feeder patterns, the frequency of updates, student academic needs and cost effectiveness. These decisions are made after much thought and consideration, as we understand that updates to attendance zones are not easy for our families. These changes are only made when they are necessary to help balance the number of students on our campuses.


What is an attendance zone, and how can I confirm what zone I reside in?

Children attend a specific school based on where their parent(s)/guardian(s) live.  Use our interactive map to find your zoned campus HERE


If my student(s) zoned campus has changed, will they still receive the same services?

All MVISD elementary campuses provide the same academic services and programs, with the exception of our bilingual program which will be offered at two hub campuses. No matter the campus your child attends, we are committed to providing the best educational experience possible.


What if my student receives Bilingual services?

If your child receives bilingual services and their zoned campus is Luckey Ranch Elementary, Potranco Elementary, Castroville Elementary or Silos Elementary they will be assigned to a bilingual hub (LaCoste Elementary or Ladera Elementary), which will not be reflected on our interactive map. For these specific students, transportation will be available from their zoned campus to their bilingual hub if needed. If you have questions on our bilingual hubs, please contact Clarissa Dovalina at 830-931-2243 ext. 1202 or at [email protected].


What options do I have if I do not agree with the new attendance zones?

Intra-district transfer applications for the 2024-2025 school year will be active on our website and communicated April 8, 2024. Please note that applying for a transfer does not guarantee approval, as the District must closely monitor enrollment numbers at each campus due to our rapid growth in student population.