Senior Spotlight: Tyler Frail will graduate in the top five of his class

Tyler Frail(MEDINA VALLEY HS — May 23, 2023) —There are many ways to describe senior Tyler Frail, but perhaps he’s best known for taking initiative.

Tyler will be the third top graduate of the Medina Valley High School 2023 graduating class. After graduating, he plans to study computer science at Texas A&M University.

“Any task that he’s given, he researches and finds the new and the contemporary — what’s moving forward,” said Elizabeth Frail, Tyler’s mom. 

Frail recounted two different occasions when Tyler took it upon himself to try to rectify a situation: One phoning a public official to voice his concern regarding the “last minute” removal of an agenda item and another self-teaching himself how to be a drum major. 

“When he became drum major, there was no camp where he could learn how to be drum major,” Frail said. “He taught himself how to conduct and learned to be a drum major by watching YouTube videos. He really just goes above and beyond.”

Medina Valley HS Band Director Juan Rodriguez said Tyler’s dedication in everything he does is evident and he is well respected by his peers and teachers. 

“He is an outstanding musician, organized, artistic, honest and is an articulate speaker,” Rodriguez said. “He participates in many organizations both on campus and within the community.”

Tyler has been a drum major for two years. He also is president of the student council and of the Business Professionals of America. He has competed in Business Professionals of America events, including three national and seven state.

When asked where he finds the motivation to juggle academics and extracurricular activities, Tyler said he pushes himself because he knows he is capable. 

“I always like to be proud of [what I do] and know that I worked hard to get there,” Tyler said. “It wasn’t necessarily handed to me. I can look back and say, “Yes, I did do that,” and I can put my name on it. Tyler Frail did that.”

Tyler said he doesn’t know exactly where life will lead him, but he strives to be proud of the ultimate path. 

“I think I’ve learned enough about myself to know that I can’t set definite plans for what I want to do someday,” he said. “I’m confident I will be proud of what I eventually end up doing. I’m excited to see whatever that is.”