Medina Valley High School students sign their letters of intent

Isabella Hernandez

(MEDINA VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL — Feb. 8, 2023) — Determined, hard-working leaders – are how Medina Valley High School coaches described their players at college signing day February 8.

Volleyball player Haylee Hurtado will be heading to West Texas A&M University and soccer player Isabella Hernandez to Angelo State University. 

“I’m very excited to play college soccer,” said Hernandez, who has been playing since she was four years old. “I just know how good Angelo State University is in their division. I didn’t realize how good I was and that I could actually play for them.”

But Soccer Coach Steven Kirkpatrick knew Hernandez was capable of playing for any college team. He said he could see her athleticism when she joined the team last year. 

Hernandez showed her leadership skills at her first game with the school. She helped give her teammates tips and suggestions.

“She did a great job in trying to solidify herself on the team,” said Kirkpatrick. “That’s the mark of a special player. That’s the mark of somebody who you know is going places. They go out there; and it’s not only about what they do, but it’s about making everybody else better. That’s what Bella brings to the team.”


Haylee Hurtado

Hurtado showed the same leadership skills in volleyball. 

“I think words we can use to characterize her: hard-working, relentless pursuit of excellence,” said Head Volleyball Coach Deesa Griggs. “I think the greatest attribute I saw this year is what a great teammate she was. She had the attitude that she needed her teammates more than they needed her. She was not going to let them fail.”

Hurtado is ready for college volleyball, Griggs said. Being an athlete prepared her to work hard and understand how to persevere when things don’t go her way.

Playing volleyball for as long as she can remember, Hurtado is looking forward to playing for West Texas A&M. 

“I’ve been working so hard to be able to do this,” Hurtado said. “I want to be successful on the volleyball side and then I want to pursue all the things life will throw at me.”