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Medina Valley FFA Finds Success in the Spring

The spring semester has been filled with success for the Medina Valley FFA. The organization has experienced victory both at contests and in the classroom.

Nine FFA Career Development Event teams competed at the state level and the included teams placed in the top 15. After traveling to Texas Tech University on April 29, the following teams competed against other qualified teams in the state of Texas. The Horse Judging team consisting of Savana Meyer, Garrett Hoak, Eileen Zinsmeister, Ariann Harvey, and Taylor Bendele placed 4th, with Savana Meyer placing 5th individually. The Food Science team composed of Morgan Edens, Mikayla Carroll, Dallas Bull, and Susanna Livingston placed 12th. The Agronomy team consisting of Meredith Vincent, Miranda Vincent, Madalyne Villareal, and Jensen Griffin placed 15th.

The Milk Quality Products team comprised of Faith Pamatian, Veronica Garcia, Essence Cummings, Sarah Hernandez, and Kayden Faseler placed 10th at the state level and the Homesite Evaluation team placed 2nd and qualified for the national contest. Team members Eileen Zinsmeister, Ainsley Burns, Matthew Sapp, and Amy Zinsmeister traveled to Oklahoma City to compete at the national contest on May 2, 2019.

After arriving in Oklahoma, the Homesite team spent the days prior to the national contest practicing. The team specializes in evaluating sites for building structures and identifying soil textures and compositions. The morning of May 2nd, countless hours of hard work paid off when the team placed 9th in the nation.

“Competing at the national level is Oklahoma was one of the highlights of my senior year,” homesite competitor Eilleen Zinsmeister said of her experience. “I was shocked when Medina Valley was announced as a national qualifier since the state level is so competitive. This was my second trip to Oklahoma City and I owe such success to my mentor, Mr. Welch.”

Aside from competing, Medina Valley FFA members have also seen success academically. Senior Morgan Edens received a $2,500 scholarship from the Texas AgriWomen Association. “[Receiving this Scholarship] feels really great and empowering,” Edens said. “I plan to make a huge impact on the agriculture and wildlife world and it will give me the help to start that impact.”

milk quality products - Milk quality products members, Veronica Garcia, Sarah Hernandez, Essence Cummings, Kayden Faseler, Faith Pamatian, Kyla Williamson (coach) and Tarleton State University officials at the state contest at Tarleton State University.

homesite evaluation - Homesite evaluation members, Matthew Sapp, Eileen Zinsmeister, Amy Zinsmeister, and Ainsley Zinsmeister at the national contest in Oklahoma City.

horse judging - Horse judging members, Garrett Hoak, Taylor Bendele, Savana Meyer, Eileen Zinsmeister, and Ariann Harvey at the state contest at Texas Tech University.

By: Olivia Garza