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Child Nutrition Department Thanks Community Members for Donations

Marcos Campos and Eduard Vasquez are only two of the many individuals who donate money to pay down lunch balances at Medina Valley ISD. Both Campos and Vasquez have been donating to the MVISD Child Nutrition department for the past two years. 

When the department receives a donation, children are randomly selected from the negative lunch balance list and money is applied to their account.

“Many students don't qualify for free or reduced meals and many parents find it a real struggle to provide the funds required to feed their children,” Said Operations Director Sandra Speed. “ Through the generous donations from people like Marcos and Edward, many students have their account balances paid in full. The students are always happy and surprised when they discover that their account has been paid in full. They are always very curious about who did it.”

For Campos, his own childhood struggle became his inspiration. “Growing up, I remember my parents struggling at times to give me lunch money. A child should never have to worry about having enough money for lunch,” Campos said.

The MVISD Child Nutrition department would like to recognize and thank the individuals who donate money to help pay for children's lunch balances. 

Every year the department receives donations from community members as well as families who are leaving the district. Community members like Campos and Vasquez donate anything from $10 to $250, but no amount is too small.

If you are interested in donating to help pay down a child’s lunch balance contact the MVISD Child Nutrition Department at 830-931-2243 ext. 1248 or email