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MVHS Girls Track Meet @ Seguin


Panthers dominated the track and destroyed the competition last night in Seguin at the Matador relays, winning the team division by over 150 points. In the hundred meter dash,Tanasia Gulatt placed second and Isabelle Davis placed 5th. Haylee Hurtado got first in the 200 meter dash, Elia Evans placed 2nd, and Giovanna Ruiz placed 4th. In the 400 m dash, Madalyn Alderidge placed second, Paetyn Ellis third and Clara Arroyos fourth. Paiten Trowbridge placed second in the 800 m run, while Macy Livingston placed third and Abigail Vierling placed fifth. In the mile run, Macy Livingston placed second, breaking the school record for the second week in a row. Kaleigh Corliss placed fourth and Alianna Salazar also placed 5th in the mile. Kaleigh Corliss placed first in the 3200 m run, followed by Alianna Salazar who placed second and Tanith Chappie who came in third. In the 100 m hurdles, Haylee Hurtado placed first. Fifth place went to Bethany Watson. Essence Cummings placed second in the 300 m intermediate hurdles while Julia Guzman placed 5th and Bethany Watson placed sixth. The 4 x 100m relay placed second with a team of Ellie Austin, Isabelle Davis, Tanasia Gulatt, and Jahnae McCain. The 4 x 200m relay placed first with a team of Elia Evans, Ileana Morales, Jahnae McCain and Haylee Hurtado. The Lady Panthers also won the mile relay with Madalyn Alderidge, Paiten Trowbridge, Clara Arroyos and Ileana Morales making up the team.

In field events, Emily Hecker placed first in high jump, Haylee Hurtado placed second and Mia Hinojosa placed third. In long jump, Gisele Baldwin placed fifth and Giovanna Ruiz placed sixth. Madison Sotelo won shot put, while Essence Cummings placed second and Sarah Dailey placed third. In discus, Madison Sotelo placed first, Lexi Martinez second and Sarah Dailey fourth. Gisele Baldwin placed second in triple jump, Hannah Vierling placed fourth and Gio Ruiz placed 5th. Madeline Alderidge placed second in pole vault and Emma Bauml placed third. Please wish these ladies best of luck next Monday and Wednesday at the district track meet in Floresville. May the Force of the district championship be with you. As always your coaches are proud of your performance and competitive drive.

JV girls

The JV girls placed first in the team standings. Markia Little placed 2nd, Kaelyn Howard third and Angelie Ruiz fourth in the 200 m dash. Rachel Rath placed second in the 400 m dash and Kathleen Carpenter placed fourth. Amaris Maldonado placed first in the 800 m run, followed by Hali Balson in second and Julia Graham in fourth. Amaris Maldonado placed first in the mile run, followed by Hali Balson in second and Kathleen Carpenter in fourth. In the 3200 m run, Julia Graham placed second, followed by Molly Clamon in third and Anna Adams in fourth. The 4x100m placed second, consisting of Angelie Ruiz, Cheyenne Hammons, Markia Little, and Nasha Thomas. The 4 x 200 m relay placed second, with Angelie Ruiz, Kaelyn Howard, Nasha Thomas, and Markia Little making up the team. The 4 x 400m relay consisting of Angelie Ruiz, Rachel Rath, Kaelyn Howard and Nasha Thomas proved a force to be reckoned with placing second. Cheyenne Hammons took first in the high jump. In long jump, Natalie Brooks placed fourth and Alicia Ostrander placed sixth. In shot put, Melida Medina placed first and Alex Aguilar placed second. In discus, Melida Medina placed first, Erin Muren second, and Nasha Thomas third. Alicia Ostrander placed fifth in triple jump. Fantastic job ladies, best of luck at district next week. Your coaches are proud!