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Girls Powerlifting State Results

Panthers, you have a State Champion in your midst. This past weekend Alexandra Aguilar and Leksi Martinez took a road trip to Corpus Christi to represent Medina Valley High School at the 5A Division II Girls Powerlifting State Championships. They entered the American Bank Center as qualifiers and left as champions. 

Alexandra Aguilar competing as a Junior won 2nd place in her weight class with a total of 1020 pounds, narrowly missing 1st. Ten pounds behind the girl in 1st place, it came down to a massive 380 pound deadlift for the gold which she got off the ground and just barely missed locking out. It was a tremendous effort and should set expectations high for her in the 2022 season. 

Leksi Martinez, the powerlifting team's senior captain, put in a tremendous meet and ran away with the lead early in her weight class, never looking back. Her final total of 995 pounds was 55 pounds over the second place effort and as dominating of a performance as has been seen at any of the powerlifting meets. This effort in the last meet of her High School career earned her the title 5A Division II State Champion for her weight class. It is an honor she has dedicated the last three years to achieving, and one that couldn't have happened to a better individual or athlete. 

The two girls as a team combined for 12 points which was enough for the team to place 4th out of the 31 schools in attendance, another impressive feat in its own right. It was an excellent end to the season. We now turn our attention to 2022 and continuing Medina Valley High Schools run of powerlifting excellence.