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JV Cross Country @ Harlandale Invitational

Boys junior varsity dominated last night at the HARLANDALE Invitational -finishing top five with an incredible race Aaron Espinoza, Ty Mangan, Lance Carlson, Jesus Clopton, CJ. McCullough. Special congratulations to Aaron Espinoza for taking a very confident lead & winning the race!

Girls junior varsity runners also dominated the competition winning the meet!! Top 5 finishers Sara Adams, Kira Smith, Julia Graham, Hailey Marshall, & Nadia Reyna. Hats off to Sara Adams who finished first place with a very intimidating finish. JV athletes performed in a capacity that (as usual) made their coaches very proud! Best of luck to the varsity runners as they preview the state cross country course this weekend in Round Rock. Run Panthers Run

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Junior Varsity cross country runners of the week Ty Mangan & Kira Smith

XC Runners of the Week