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LAMS Football @ MVMS

The 8th grade Orange team traveled to MVMS for the first ever Panther Bowl.
MVMS would come out swinging and get the first blow with a 4th and long
completed pass for a touchdown first series. The Loma Alta offense got a
slow start but picked up steam toward the end of the first quarter.
Zacharia Linson completed a pass to Jacob Warren for a huge gain to give
Loma Alta great field position. With some good runs put together by Loma
Alta at the end of the first quarter, Loma would punch one in the end zone
to the outside by Alex Garro beginning of the 2nd. The defense for Loma
Alta would hold MVMS the rest of the game from scoring but Loma Alta's
offense had some costly errors in key situations. Loma Alta wasn't able to
get one in the endzone for the win and ended up losing 6-8. Both teams
played hard and will one day come together as a high school team. We look
forward to the future!