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LAMS Football V Boerne

7th grade White Team (B)- On a warm tuesday afternoon, the Loma Alta Panthers traveled to Boerne to take on the Boerne South Chargers. The Chargers and Panthers were locked in a defensive battle for much of the first half. Ezra Gonzalez set the tone early by sacking the Chargers quarterback causing a fumble which was recovered by the Panthers defense! A late mistake was made by the Panthers and the Chargers defense capitalized on it by returning an interception for a touchdown to put them up 7-0 at the half. The Panthers were not defeated; instead they came out of the half with the same intensity on the defensive side of the ball as the first half. Stalling the Chargers offense multiple times, it gave the Panthers offense opportunities to control the clock. Led by Ryan Blair the offense would pound the rock with Ezra Gonzalez and Joshua Gutierrez. This would lead to the Chargers guessing on the run plays and leaving their secondary exposed. Ryan Blair and Connor Prukop would dink and dunk it down the field until the two would connect for a 40 yard pass late in the fourth quarter. This would set up a 2 yard touchdown run by Ezra Gonzalez and a successful extra point conversion by Joshua Gutierrez. With the score tied 7-7, the Panthers defense would take the field one last time to hold their ground against the Chargers. Tackles made by Makaio Sanders, Joshua Gutierrez, Aaron Matthias, Carson Neuman, and Tristan Burrell would give the offense one last look to score the winning touchdown. Unfortunately, the Panthers weren’t successful but that wouldn’t overshadow the effort the B team put in for the duration of the game. With the final score being a 7-7 tie, the Loma Alta White Team now sets their eyes on their next opponent.


7th grade Orange Team (A)- With anticipation and excitement in the air, the Loma Alta Orange Team would take the field next. The Panthers would win the coin flip and elected to receive with the ruthless intention to drive the bowl down the heart of the Chargers defense. Intentions turned into a reality quickly as the Panthers would score on the opening drive with a touchdown coming from Xavier Gonzalez. The Panthers defense trotted onto the field and tried to match the gameplay of the offense but would give up a touchdown and extra point to the Charger offense on their opening drive. For the better part of the first half it would be a defense gridlock like ih-10 at 5:00pm on a Wednesday, with both offenses having little movement but the Panthers did have one play when Xavier Gonzalez completed a 45 yard pass to Zach Rash to try to pump some life back into the offense. But with a stroke of bad luck, the Chargers would strike late in the first half on a long touchdown pass to put them up on top 6-13. With some regret, the Orange Team reset their focus to come out and dominate in the second half. The Panthers would be on defense first. The Chargers were driving down the field when Christian Maldanado would tip a pass and it would fall into the hands of Jeremiah Rodriguez for an interception. The Panthers couldnt convert the interception into points and would have to give up the ball. With the score still at 6-13 the Chargers offense would take the ball back but they made a costly mistake. That mistake would be to test our cornerback Steven Martinez on a pass, with great position Steven would intercept the ball right as the third quarter ended. The Panthers would go back to their bread and butter and pounded the rock while controlling the clock for much of the fourth quarter. After a successful drive, Xavier Gonzalez would score a touchdown on a quarterback keep with a little more than three minutes left on the clock too. With an unsuccessful extra point conversion and score being 12-13, the Panthers would try an onside kick from their kicker Marco Reyes-Vargas. With some pinpoint accuracy, Marco’s kick placed the ball right into Xavier Gonzalez’s hands just eleven yards down the field. With the excitement growing, the Panthers took the field but couldn’t capitalize on the onside kick. Down but not out, the Panthers defense looked to make one last stand, the time for a turnover was NOW! With 55 seconds left in the game, Jason Zendejas broke the line of scrimmage, stripped tackled the ball carrier, AND returned the fumble back for a 35 yard touchdown. The nail in the coffin was the successful extra point conversion by Xavier Gonzales and the fantastic blocking by the offensive line. The Chargers couldn’t put anything together and the final score would be 19-13. This was a game like none other!


Coach Sotelo and Coach Guarnero are proud of the effort and heart both teams had Tuesday afternoon. The Loma Alta Panthers now have their eyes set on the next opponent. They will play against the Medina Valley Panthers at home on Tuesday (09/22), in what some are dubbing the “Panther Bowl”! Good luck to both teams.