• "Our goal is to do 16 hours of community service per each cadet and give 300 hours of service dedicated to Veteran programs."

Community Service Opportunities

  • American GI Forum

    We use the time to visit homeless veteran shelters to help transport, set up, and clean up the event that's dedicated for the homeless.

    Concession Stands

    We help support our fellow Medina Valley Panther Football players and Band members by helping sell food and beverages during home games.

    Flag Placement

    We travel around Castroville to visit cemeteries and post American flags to the gravestones of fallen Veterans.

    Flag Retirement

    Taking place at the American Legion, this ceremony takes a moment to respect the last moments of flags that are no longer servicable to be raised.

    F.O.D. Walk

    Known as Foreign Object Damage Walk, our cadets pick up trash around the high school premises twice a semester to ensure cleanliness at all times.

    Park Clean Up

    Our cadets help at the Castroville Regional Park to complete tasks needed to be done as a group like gardening, cleaning, and clearing hiking trails.

    Rehabilitation Visit

    Every month, we visit the Medina Valley Health & Rehab Center to interact with senior citizens and provide aid when needed.


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