• Transportation Information for 2021-2022

    All students who will need transportation and meet the eligibility requirements
    for the 2021-2022 school year will be required to register for transportation.

    If you live within two miles of your assigned campus or live outside of the district
    boundaries, bus transportation is not available.

    We will provide transportation to and from the address registered with the
    district. Please report any address changes to the PEIMS office in order to update
    the route information in transportation.

    Ten (10) consecutive days without riding will constitute removal from the route
    unless prior notification is given to the transportation department. Any student
    who is removed from the route must complete the transportation registration
    process again in order to resume ridership.

    Route information will be provided prior to the first day of school through our
    Ride360 program. Parents may find a link to register for Ride360 on the
    transportation website in the coming weeks.

    We recommend a responsible party or family member be at the stop to receive
    students grades pre-k through second. A judgement call may be made to return
    your student(s) to the campus if it is deemed hazardous and someone is not there
    to accept them.

    Please have your student(s) at their stop five (5) minutes prior to stop time in
    order to board the bus.

    Parents should read your child’s student handbook regarding transportation.

    By continuing to the transportation registration form you are acknowledging you
    have read and understand the transportation guidelines.

  • SIGN UP FOR TRANSPORTATION TODAY Please read information above and Click me to begin!

School Bus Top Safety Rules for Riding

    • Always follow the instructions of the drivers and monitors and be respectful.
    • All students are required to board and exit the bus at their designated bus stop in order for bus routes to remain on schedule--no exceptions
    • No food or drinks and no eating, water bottles are the only exception.
    • All students will follow MVISD student code of conduct guidelines.  The school bus is an extension of the classroom.
    • All students must be at the designated stop at least 5 minutes prior to their scheduled pick up time. The driver will make a complete stop at the designated bus stop on the regularly scheduled time.  If there is no one visibly present, they will proceed to the next stop.
    • If a student causes interior or exterior damage to a school bus, they will be held responsible for paying for damages and may lose their riding privileges.
    • All students are required to go directly to their seats with their backpacks on their laps and face forward at all times—no exceptions.
    • Standing up, moving from seat to seat and sticking any part of your body out of a window while the bus is in motion is a safety hazard and will not be tolerated.
    • Yelling, use of profanity, inappropriate gestures, verbal threats, horseplay, or fighting will not be tolerated and will warrant a referral to your campus.   

Frequently Asked Questions