Welcome from the Athletic Director

  • Welcome to Panther Athletics! This is certainly a very different year with everything that has occurred, but the Medina Valley Athletic staff greatly appreciates your continued support as we work to navigate the uncertainties of conducting athletics during a crisis. We are grateful to have the opportunity to showcase the talent and work-ethic of these young men and women this year in all of our sports, and we hope that we represent the community of Medina Valley in a way that will reflect how special our community truly is. All of our athletes have continued to work hard and to overcome the adversity in front of them in order to fulfill their dreams of competing as a Panther, and I'm proud to serve the young men and women of Medina Valley, and hope that our coaching staff can help them reach their individual and collective goals. In a world rife with unrest and uncertainty, we are grateful for the anchor that athletics provides, and I'm confident that the lessons our athletes learn through the crucible of competition will only serve to strengthen their resolve and determination in the face of adversity in their future.


Athletic Staff