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    Hopefully this page provides information you may need. Feel free to reach out to me at aris.vogt@mvisd.org with any questions! 

  • Class expectations

    Behavior: We hold out students to very high expectations in the classroom. Each period that we have is filled with learning though a variety of activities. In order for all students to maximize the learning opportunity, we expect them to participate and focus on the class lessons. As well as, complete all necessary assignments to demonstrate learning. Students are expected to behave for a substitute better than they would if I were in class. I hold students to very high behavior standards and have serious consequences for misbehavior for a substitute.



    Assignements / Homework: Students are usually given approximately twenty minutes in class to work on their independent practice. Anything that is not finished in class is considered homework.

    Corrections: Homework and Unit Tests that receive a grade of less than 70% can be corrected for up to a 70%.

    Grading (Per District Policy):

    Daily Assignments – 40%

    Quizzes – 35%

    Tests/Projects – 25%


    Conference Times and Contact Information

     If you are interested in meeting with me, you may schedule a time in advance. I am available most afternoons after school and during my conference. I can be reached at 830-931-2243 where you can leave a message or my the quickest way to reach me is thorugh my email address aris.vogt@mvisd.org