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The Vision

  • The vision of the Medina Valley CyberPatriots program is to promote cyber awareness, computer security practices, and cyber ethics. All of these are essential attributes for creating a secure network infrastructure, teaching the students how to detect threats, and how to defend against cyber-attacks in a safe virtual environment.  

    The skills and knowledge the students will gain from participating in this program will give them an advantage to obtain information technology certifications, scholarships in computer-related fields of study, and ultimately provide an opportunity to start a great career in information technology and cybersecurity.

Who We Are

  • We are the Medina Valley CyberPatriots!  We are the cyber warriors that relentlessly defend networks from attack.  Our cyber hunting skills cannot be matched.  We find threats, eliminate them, and strategically launch counter-attacks against our cyber enemies.  We are CyberPatriots!

The Mission

  • The mission of the Medina Valley CyberPatriot program is the proper instruction and implementation of information technology principals and cybersecurity practices.  All students will be taught how to use various operating systems, interconnecting network devices, and how to secure the entire infrastructure.  The students will also be taught how to properly use tools and methodologies to assess and troubleshoot problems that range from inoperable workstations to misconfigured networking equipment.  These are the skills that will be necessary to compete in the CyberPatriot competitions and will enable us to advance to each round and ultimately to the national finals.