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At Medina Valley, the number of students that we serve is growing at a rapid pace. We are the fastest-growing school district in our Region, with a 14% growth rate last school year. That exponential growth rate also places us amongst the fastest-growing school districts in the State. During the 2022-2023 school year, we added more than 1,000 students, which is unprecedented growth for MVISD.

Our theme for this school year is "Let's Grow Together!" We want to continue to embrace our school district's growth, while also honoring our history. 

During the May 2023 election, the MVISD Bond proposal passed by 63 percent. The $376 million dollar bond will help to address capacity issues at our campuses, as well as purchase land for future campuses, enhance safety and security, alleviate traffic concerns and provide a facility for our Agricultural and Jr. ROTC programs at Medina Valley HS.

We thank our community for supporting our fast-growing school district, and we will continue to provide updates on the status of the projects through completion. The current projected timelines for the projects approved in the bond are as follows:

bond timeline

Our 2023-2024 Community Bond Advisory Committee, made up of parents, community members, teachers and students have started to meet to put together a bond proposal to present to the school board for a May 2024 election. Below you will find a summary from their most recent meeting as well as a copy of the presentation. 

January 10, 2024 Meeting

 summary         presentation


December 13, 2023 Meeting

 summary         presentation

November 15, 2023 Meeting

 summary         presentation

October 3, 2023 Meeting
 summary         presentation

October 18, 2023 Meeting
 summary         presentation

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