Violations of Law – Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco and Weapons Under state and federal law, a student is not allowed to possess, sell, give away, or use alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco products (including vaping devices), guns, knives or other weapons on school property, in their vehicle or at any school-related or school-sanctioned activity whether on or off school property. Students should be aware that they will be held responsible for any items found in their possession or in their vehicles and that consequences will be administered for any violations. [See the Student Code of Conduct for information regarding disciplinary consequences.

Students are prohibited from possessing or using any type of tobacco product, electronic cigarette (e-cigarette), or any other electronic vaporizing device while on school property or while attending an off-campus school-related activity. The district and its staff strictly enforce prohibitions against the use of all tobacco products, ecigarettes, or any other electronic vaporizing device by students and all others on school property and at school-sponsored and school-related activities. [See the Student Code of Conduct and policies FNCD and GKA for more information.]

District related groups/organizations or employees approved for use of District facilities shall be responsible for ensuring that all persons attending the event abide by District Policies, State Laws and Federal Laws. The District Policies and State & Federal Laws concerning the conduct of individuals at school facilities including, but not limited to, the laws prohibiting possession or use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco and other prohibited products on public school grounds.