• Mathematics

    In Medina Valley ISD, Mathematics instruction focuses on developing understanding or concepts and skills through problem solving, reasoning and rigor.  We are on a mission to prepare, engage, challenge and support ALL students for success in mathematics. 

    We believe:

    • ALL students can learn mathematics, though they may learn in different ways. 
    • math lessons should be engaging, applicable to real-life, and fun!
    • math presents the opportunity to develop critical thinkers and real world problem solvers.  
    • ALL students will encounter a time when they get stuck on a problem.  When this happens, it does not mean they are not "a math person".  It means there is an opportunity to learn and grow from the struggle.

  • Games are to math like books are to reading!  Parents, here is a great resource for math games you can play at home with your student(s).  

    Math Games for Home