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    2018- 2019 Results

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    4 MVHS students qualified for NATIONALS BPA in Anaheim, CA!

    *1st Place Administrative Support Team - Sara Hecker, Eileen Zinsmeister, Katie Tondre and Allie Tschirhart
    *Sara Hecker placed 4th in Integrated Office Applications
    National Alternates
    *Arianna Suniga placed 6th in Integrated Office Applications
    *Allyssa Thoele placed 7th in Advanced Word Processing
    Open Event Winners
    *Eileen Zinsmeister - 3rd Place Parliamentary Procedure Concepts
    *Megan Gallegos - 6th Place Digital Communication & Design Concepts

    30 MVHS students qualified for STATE in BPA!

    ~Seniors~ Sara Hecker, Eileen Zinsmeister, Kathryn Tondre, Devin DeLaFuente, Megan Gallegos, Megan Barton, Bryanna Rodriguez, Christian Collins, Dorian Keller, Brayden McHazlett, Evan Smith, and Taylor Hutchins

    ~Juniors~ Kayla Masters, Allie Tschirhart, Kendra Cadena, Malorri James, and Tyler Oberhauser

    ~Sophomores~ Arianna Suniga, Macy Livingston, Chesney Vogt, MaKenzee DeCock, Caroline Williams, Faith Martinez, Amy Zinsmeister, Lauren Sprauer, and Allyssa Thoele

    ~Freshman~ Savannah Persyn, Aubrey Lopez, Emma Smith, and Ashleigh Jackel

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    BPA Nationals

    Business Professionals of America National Qualifiers competed in Anaheim, California at the National Leadership Conference. The Administrative Support Team was a national finalist placing 7th.

    The team consists of Kathryn Tondre, Sara Hecker, and Allie Tschirhart. Sara Hecker also placed 12th in her individual event, Integrated Office Applications.

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    77 MVHS students qualified for STATE in SkillsUSA!

    Community Service Project Gold Medal State Qualified

    Brianna Obregon, Regina Alaniz, Joann Hernandez

    Quiz Bowl State Qualified

    Gold Medal : Zane Anderson, Sophia Hernandez, Justin Hutnyak, Daniel Ingram, Hector Ramos, Jacob Sharber Ashton Solis

    Silver Medal: Regina Alaniz, Ethan Herrera, Brianna Obregon, Armando Salas, Joann Hernandez, Kyla Spaide

    Customer Service Silver Medal State Qualified

    Joann Hernandez

    Prepared Speech Silver Medal State Qualified

    Cesar Martinez

    Prepared Speech Bronze Medal

    Hannah Huron

    Extemporaneous Speaking Gold Medal State Qualified

    Meghan Matsumura

    Extemporaneous Speaking Bronze

    Kyla Spaide

    Power Equipment Hands On State Qualified

    Gold Medal Hannah Huron

    Silver Medal Damian Botello

    Bronze Medal Alexander Luna

    Career Promotional Demonstration State Qualified

    Justin Hutnyak & Mark Maciel

    Individual Notebook State Qualified

    Zane Anderson, Ashley Arrellano, Sophia Hernandez, Daniel Ingram, Regina Alaniz, Joann Hernandez, Ethan Herrera, Brianna Obregon, Liliana Burch, Hannah Huron, Meghan Matsumura, Macy Watts

    Power Equipment Engines State Qualified

    Best of Show: Hannah Huron Small Engine

    Damien Botello – Small Engine

    Macy Watts & Paige Gantzler Team – Small Engine

    Liliana Burch, Alexander Luna, Megan Matsumura – Small Engine Generator

    Automotive & Diesel Projects State Qualified

    Jacob Sharber; Cylinder Head

    Ethan Herrera: Alternator

    Zane Anderson – Cylinder Head

    Mark Maciel & Sophia Hernandez – Cylinder Head

    Justin Hutnyak: Cylinder Head

    Daniel Ingram – Cylinder Head

    Diesel Hands-On Gold Medal State Qualified

    Armando Salas

    Diesel Hands-On Silver Medal State Qualified

    Brianna Obregon

    Diesel Hands-On Bronze Medal State Qualified

    Joann Hernandez

    Cabinet Making Gold Medal

    Jacob Davis

    Cabinet Making Bronze Medal

    Eric Klesel

    Tool ID Gold Medal

    Jacob Barton

    Construction Tool ID Gold Medal

    Jacob Castro

    Construction Tool ID Bronze Medal

    Justin Braymiller

    Job Demo A Gold Medal

    Alex Paez

    Job Demo O Bronze Medal

    Thomas Hodges

    The following students also qualified for STATE with their SkillsUSA Project:

    Gold Medalists

    Jonah Barrow, Jacob Barton, Benjamin Braymiller, Brady Madrid, Ryan Ortiz, Alex Paez, Brayden McHazlett, Eric Klesel, Hunter Corliss, Justin Braymiller, Jacob Davis, Ryan Belcher, Mya Bustos, Cameron Stone

    Bronze Medalists

    Thomas Hodges, Peyton Homann, Jacob Castro

    STATE Results

    State Superior For Individual Notebooks:

    Bri Obregon, Joann Hernandez, Regina Alaniz, Meghan Matsumura, Lilli Burch, Sophie Hernandez, Zane Anderson, Ethan Herrera, Daniel Ingram, Ashley Arrellano, Hannah Huron

    State Superior For Projects

    Meghan Matsumura, Lilli Burch, Alex Luna for group project on a Generator

    Paige Gantzler, Macey Watts for group project on a Small Engine

    State Excellence For Projects

    Sophie Hernandez, Mark Maciel for group project on a Cylinder Head.

    Jacob Sharber for a Cylinder Head.

    Very Good For Projects

    Ethan Herrera for an Alternator., Hannah Huron for a Small Engine.

    Cabinetmaking Contest - Jacob Davis - 2nd Place

    Cabinetmaking Technical Information Test

    Eric Klessel - 3rd Place

    1st Place Projects Construction

    Jacob Barton, Benjamin Braymiller, Jonah Barrow, Brady

    Madrid, Justin Braymiller

    2nd Place Projects Construction

    Mya Bustos, Cameron Stone, Hunter Corliss, Ryan

    Belcher, Ryan Ortiz

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    Ag Advocacy

    The team consisted of Morgan Edens, Mikayla Carroll, Taylor Bendele and Dallas Bull.
    These team members placed 1st in Disrict and 5th in Area.

    Creed Speaking

    The greenhand creed speaker was Alyssa Council and she placed at 4th in District.

    The senior creed speaker was Essence Cummings and she placed 7th in District

    Ag Quiz

    The greenhand quiz team consisted of Isah’Bella Flores, Allison Johnson, Gabrielle Cancino, and Samantha Copeland.
    They placed 2nd in District and 5th in Area.

    The senior quiz team consisted of Amanda Keller, Sarah Hernandez, Arianna Suniga, Emily Boehme, Ariann Harvey, James Alvarado, Kylie Marty, and Kailey Joy.
    They placed 1st in District and 7th in Area.

    Chapter Conducting

    The greenhand chapter conducting team consisted of Sydney Aelvoet, Alyssa Council, Robert Gilmore, Ashlyn Persyn, Mariah Persyn, Hannah Vierling, Allison Whitley, and Kiley Winkler.
    They placed 1st in District and 4th in Area.

    The senior chapter conducting team consisted of Garrett Hoak, Eileen Zinsmeister, Susanna Livingston, Meredith Vincent, Jensen Griffin, Savana Meyer, Matthew Sapp, Joel Ortiz, Amy Zinsmeister, Essence Cummings, and Macy Livingston.
    They placed 1st in District, 2nd in Area, and 5th at State

    Radio Broadcasting

    The team consisted of Garrison Garza, Victoria Juarez, Katelyn Bodiford, and Zachary Lozano.
    They placed 1st in District and 5th Area

    Public Relations

    The team consisted of McKenna Tschirhart, Olivia Garza, Tori French, and Chesney Vogt.
    They placed 3rd in District.

    Ag Skills Demonstration

    The senior skills team consisted of Garrison Garza, Madison Winecoff, Kaleb Friesenhahn, and Abigail Miller.
    They placed 1st in District and 5th in Area.

    The greenhand skills team consisted of Rylee Burkholder, Savannah Persyn, Ryan Simpton, and Kinsey Winters.
    They placed 2nd in District and 3rd in Area.

    Job Interview

    Eileen Zinsmeister placed 1st in District and 5th in Area.

    Land Judging

    The land judging team consisted of Ezekiel Villafane, Victoria Juarez, Logan Echtle, Teresa Garcia, and Kenneth Henson.
    They placed 2nd in District, 5th in Area, and 36th at State.

    Plant ID
    The plant ID team consisted of Blaze Brown, Emily Hecker, Allison Johnson, Weston Marshall, Michael Tomaselli, and Isabelle Davis.
    They placed 1st in District and 7th in Area.

    Poultry Judging
    The poultry judging team consisted of Garrison Garza, Rylee Burkholder, Isabelle Davis, Madeline Winecoff, Isah’Bella Flores, Blaze Brown, Kaleigh Thayer, Ainsley Burns, Abigail Miller, and Leksi Martinez.
    They placed 1st in District and 6th in Area.

    Livestock Judging

    The livestock judging team consisted of Olivia Garza, Victoria Juarez, Dallas Holcomb, McKenna Tschirhart, Tori French, Kylie Marty, Logan Echtle, Silia Lopez, Brynnlee Mickelson, Case Henrich, Chesney Vogt, Savannah Persyn, Emily Hecker, Madisen Davila, and Tristan Zinsmeyer.
    They placed 1st in District, 3rd in Area, and 15th at State.

    Dairy Judging

    The team consisted of Kailey Joy, Kevin Keeter, Dezerae Agne, Gracie Ricord, Madison Haby, Allison Johnson, Ashlee Riff, and Amanda Keller.
    They placed 1st in District, 3rd in Area, and 20th at State. The dairy cattle team was coached by Retired Ag Science Teacher, Mr. James Hodges. Thank you for continued support of ag education, Mr. Hodges.

    Veterinary Science

    The veterinary science team consisted of Michayla Chaffin, Maximus Dimas, Julianna Davidson, Ashlyn Persyn, Mariah Persyn, Julian Castro, Valerie Gomez, Samantha Copeland, Caylee Schumann, and Kiley Winkler.
    They placed 1st in District and 13th in Area.

    Milk Quality Products

    The team consisted of Faith Pamatian, Essence Cummings, Kayden Faseler, Sarah Hernandez, James Alvarado, Veronica Garcia, and Dane McCluskey.
    They placed 1st in District, 5th in Area, and 10th at State.

    Food Science
    The team consisted of Susanna Livingston, Mikayla Carroll, Dallas Bull, and Morgan Edens.
    The team placed 1st in District, 3rd in Area, and 12th at State.


    The agronomy team consisted of Meredith Vincent, Miranda Vincent, Jensen Griffin, Madalyne Villarreal, and Katelyn Bodiford.
    They placed 1st in District, 7th in Area, and 15th at State.
    The agronomy team was coached by Texas Tech Student Teacher, Mr. Colton Pouncy.

    Cotton Judging

    The cotton team consisted of Pablo Sandoval, Trey Kauffmann, and Ryan Simpton.
    They placed 2nd in District and 3rd in Area.

    Horse Judging

    The horse judging team consisted of Eileen Zinsmeister, Sofia Lozano, Garrett Hoak, Joel Ortiz, Savana Meyer, Zachary Lozano, Taylor Bendele, Amy Zinsmeister, Arianna Suniga, Hannah Vierling, Reagan Aldridge, and Ariann Harvey.
    They placed 1st in District and 4th in Area, and 4th at State.
    The horse judging team won the world’s largest horse judging invitational at Tarleton State University and was awarded a $1,000 scholarship.
    The horse judging team has selected Dallas Bull as the recipient of their $1,000 scholarship to Tarleton State University!
    The horse judging team also earned the Texas Horse Cup for being ranked 1st by livestockjudging.com for winning the most competitions in the entire state!

    Homesite Evaluation

    The homesite evaluation team consisted of Ainsley Burns, Amy Zinsmeister, Matthew Sapp, Eileen Zinsmeister, and Joel Ortiz.
    The team placed 2nd in District, 3rd in Area, 2nd at State, and 9th at Nationals.

    Extemporaneous Speaking

    Olivia Garza placed 5th in District.

    Prepared Public Speaking

    Macy Livingston placed 1st in District and 2nd in Area with her ag tech and communication speech.
    James Howard placed 2nd in District and 5th in Area with his soil stewardship speech.
    Katelyn Bodiford placed 1st in District and 4th in Area with her natural resources speech.
    Zachary Lozano placed 2nd in District with his agribusiness speech.
    Savannah Persyn placed 2nd in District with her animal science speech.
    Amy Zinsmeister placed 3rd in District with her ag policy speech.
    Rylee Burkholder placed 3rd in District in the junior prepared speaking category.