TX-20009th Mission

  • Our mission is to "Improve citizenship of all cadets by promoting Teamwork, Moral and Family Values, Ethics, Bearing and Behavior through Self-Discipline while using Good Judgement in Life."

    As a member of the Cadet Corps, you work towards accomplishing this mission when you: Respect yourself, parent/guardians, property and others; are Responsible as a young adult in all you do - understanding you are accountable for your actions; Control yourself - your emotions, behavior, and any action or decision in a positive manner; know the Consequences of you actions based upon life expectations requiring the right decisions to be made; think of the Choices you make to reflect the person you desire to be.

    Remember, you are always a cadet whether in uniform or not, at school, at home, or anywhere else.

TX-20009th Goals

  • Community

    1. Reach 2,900 hours of community service, averaging of 16 hours per cadet April 10,2019
    2. Conduct 2 FOD Walks each semester and accomplised 6 service projects for the Verterans 


    1. Have a 99% retention rate of cadets(based of PSR)
    2. Collaborate with 3 other school organizations and have a 75% participation rate in school community service


    1. Have 810% of cadets pass all core classes
    2. Have a 92% participation in at least one LDR/Team activity 
  • ROTC

  • h

Air Force JROTC Mission

  • The mission of AFJROTC is to develop citizens of charcter dedicated to serving their nation and community.

Air Force JROTC Goals

  • The goals of the program are to instill values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment in high school.

Air Force JROTC Objectives

  • The objectives of AFJROTC are to educate and train high school cadets in citizenship; promote community service; instill responsibility, character, and self-discipline; and provide instruction in air and space fundamentals.