Samuel Alaniz Jr

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Samuel Alaniz Jr

Samuel Alaniz Jr. is a 2004 graduate of Natalia High School. He worked for the Natalia and Southwest Independent School Districts before joining Medina Valley Independent School District in 2017. Samuel received his associate's degree from Palo Alto College and is a senior at Texas A&M University-San Antonio, where he studies communications.

Samuel believes many public schools underestimate the importance of effective communication, which can contribute to a negative point of view by parents and the community. He focuses on increasing transparency by improving the flow and distribution of information.

Since joining the district, Samuel has helped implement a new website and establish the district’s presence on social media; these online avenues now serve as distribution points for information from MVISD.

In addition to continuous fine-tuning of the website and social media accounts, Samuel is always researching new products and strategies that can help MVISD improve communication. 

Samuel views the students, parents, and community of Medina Valley as customers, who are counting on the district to provide the best possible product. In this case, the product is their child's education, which parents take very seriously. Every day Samuel uses his role to help make MVISD the top tier school district in South Texas.