How to become a MVISD Substitute Teacher

Becoming a Medina Valley Substitute Teacher

Thank you for your interest in the Medina Valley Independent School District (I.S.D.). Your application will not be considered complete until all of the required documents have been received by the Medina Valley ISD Human Resources Department and you have done the following:

Online Training: 

Complete the Substitute online training course provided by Region 4 Education Service Center and turn in a copy of the completion Certificate to the Medina Valley I.S.D. Human Resources Department.

  1. To start the course, please click on

  2. Create User Id and Password

  3. Under the Search option type in Substitute Teacher and select Substitute Teacher 1.2

  4. Click on Register top right corner.You will need this information for registration.

    • Region: Select- 20

    • Click Checkout.This course has a $25.00 fee that will be the responsibility of the candidate and the cost is not reimbursed.

    • Complete the course at your own pace.

    • Upon completion of the course click on the Complete tab

    • Select the blue Evaluation link

    • Once evaluation is completed you will see a blue Certificate link.

    • Print or email of copy of the Certificate and give to Human Resources.

Complete the online application:

  1. Log in at

  2. Click on the following tabs: Human Resources/Employment> Employment Opportunities>File an Application Here

  3. Select on type of applications

  4. Select on Start Application

  5. Provide at least three references.

  6. Only references that can assess your work experience should be used.

  7. Make sure the names and phone numbers are correct and current. Inaccurate information may delay the processing of your application.

  8. You MUST enter the email address of each reference while entering your application. The reference will then be requested to complete an online reference form. You MUST obtain their email address before entering this application.

  9. Be sure to complete the Criminal History Authorization at the end of the application.


  • If you are attaching documents the files must be on your computer in order to attach.

  • If you have a partially submitted application DO NOT create another application of the same type please utilize the “Login” option to finish or make updates to your application.

  • Please do not print this application to be completed by hand this application is for submission on-line only.

  • Your application will remain active for one (1) year.

NOTE: Once an application has been review and marked as eligible the applicant will no longer have access to view or make changes to the application or any attached documents. 


  1. The applicant will receive a FAST Fingerprint Pass form from MVISD once District Training is completed.

  2. Applicant will schedule an appointment online at L-1 Online Appointment Scheduling(Note: You must select a location prior to scheduling an appointment). When scheduling the appointment, the applicant must have the FAST Fingerprint Pass form in hand and must pay all required fees before the appointment can be finalized. 

  3. The applicant must take their FAST Fingerprint Pass form, receipt from their payment and photo identification (driver’s license, state issued identification card, etc.) to their scheduled appointment. 

  4. It is recommended that the applicant keep possession of their FAST Fingerprint Pass until they are sure their prints have cleared and completed. 

  5. Fingerprinting fee reimbursement is available upon twenty successful days of substituting during the current school year.A written request along with a copy of the receipt will need to be submitted to HR.

If candidate has already been fingerprinted a copy of the fingerprinting receipt will need to be provided to Human Resources. If candidate is unable to provide copy of fingerprinting receipt Medina Valley I.S.D. will attempt to locate the candidate in the central fingerprinting database. If unable to locate in the central fingerprinting database candidate will need to be fingerprinted.

Candidate is responsible for the Fingerprinting fee, but the fee can be reimbursed upon completion of 20 full day assignments. Employee will be responsible for tracking the assignments and notifying Human Resources. Upon notification to Human Resources they will work with Payroll to validate. Once assignments are validated fingerprinting fee will be reimbursed to the employee.

Medina Valley ISD District Training

Classes are offered throughout the year. Contact the Substitute Coordinator at ext. 1106 or view dates/time and location on the website at

Items to bring to the District Training:

  • Valid Driver’s license

  • Signed Social Security Card, Passport or Birth Certificate

  • Voided check for direct deposit

  • Original Transcripts (for Bachelor Degrees or higher).NOTE: Higher daily rate will not be paid until Human Resources receives Original Transcripts.


Please call Michelle Brown at 830-931-2243 ext 1106 with any questions about Substitute training.