Employment Opportunities

Please take note of these helpful tips for completing your application:

  • If you experience difficulty with submitting an application, we kindly ask that you PLEASE NOT EMAIL individual documents directly to to HR staff members, please email HR@mvisd.org
  • Please make sure to fully complete the application; including criminal history authorization and providing a minimum of two complete references with email and/or phone number
  • It is not necessary to complete an application for each position.  If you are interested in multiple postings, just indicate on one submission. 
  • Applications are archived after 6 months, if you have submitted an application in the previous 6 months we kindly ask that you DO NOT submit another. If you need to make changes or additions, email or call Human Resources at 830-931-2243 and we’ll be glad to assist. 
  • If you CANNOT view your recent application, DON’T WORRY!   This means all documents and references have been received and your application is now considered complete.  If you need to make changes or add additional supporting documents, please contact Human Resources.  Thank you for your interest in our district!